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Students' Testimonials
Persional Info  |  Handwriting story
  • Shanghai TongJi University Senior Year
  • Major in International Trading
  • I love debating, listening to music and doing exercises
My View Point for this Project
  • I feel really happy to have met with many new friends and to have worked with them, discussed with them and finally got a satisfactory result!
  • broaden my horizon and enhance my interest in learning them better.
  • I was much honored to have been awarded the championship and I feel grateful for all those who had helped me during the process. My appreciation is beyond words.
  • Completed the Financial Statement Analysis with my coworker Wei Wei.
  • Finished the framework of Financial Statement Analysis (Say,Formula)-according to the course given by Doc.Larry on the Analyses of annual report.
  • The calculations of 2005-2009 Profitability Ratios and Efficiency ratios
  • Helped XieLanTian to do the improvement of PPT.