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Students' Testimonials
Persional Info  |  Handwriting story
  • 中国人民大学商学院工商管理类专业
  • 国家励志奖学金,校内三等奖学金
  • 校内十佳社团“心宇社”咨询部部长
  • 班内党小组组织委员
My View Point for this Project
  • Amazed and excited, I started my HK journey. What I saw during the past few days really impress me. In such an international metropolitan, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to deeply understand what real totally free market is. In this project, I learn how to cooperate with a team from different areas. Besides, how to write business plan is another thing I reap. What’s more, as an intern in HKU, I was broadened my vision and horizon via studying related business course. In conclusion, the business immersion plan is a precious experience for me.
  • 参与设计调查问卷,以及上街随机调查。另外,负责商业计划书中关于公司背景,历史的相关介绍。